Designer Le Soulier

Le Soulier - Make your shoes as individual as you are!

Wear your heart on your heels with personalised bespoke hand painted wedding shoes by Le Soulier.

Founder and Designer of the brand, Sonia Brown, creates stunning quintessential pieces of art in the form of a shoe by painstakingly hand painting each pair with the finest of brushes, intricately adding personality and style.

Sonia can incorporate the theme of your wedding, along with the married surname, wedding date and other unique aspects to the individual day. Each brides supplies Le Soulier with their own plain wedding shoes ready for Sonia and her brushes to magically transform. As part of the bespoke design process, each bride receives a beautiful illustration of their shoes as a lasting keepsake.

Le Soulier is solely dedicated to creating individual shoes for individual people with love.

Please view the Le Soulier Gallery for inspiration.


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