Top Tips on Planning the Perfect Doe or Stag Party

Planning the perfect party


Organizing a doe or stag night can be a daunting challenge especially when you’ve many people to please and you want to make sure everyone has a good time. The important thing to remember is that it is not all about you and what you like. You may love the idea of semi nude bodies and vats of alcohol, but if your stag or doe isn’t comfortable with that sort of party, then it could end in disaster. So, here are a few tips to get you started:

Birds of a Feather

Always choose your activity according to the people that are invited, and not the other way round. For example, if the bride’s mother or the groom’s father wants to be in on the event, then choose something that they will happily participate in.

Introducing Everyone

Since there’s likely to be a varied mix of people attending, many of whom have not met before, it’s a good idea to have some form of ice breaking session before the party kicks off. This could take the form of each person introducing themselves briefly and saying how they know the bride/groom.

Take it Slowly

In most cases a lot of alcohol is one of the main ingredients for a successful doe or stag night, but try and keep things running at a slowish pace to start off with. There’s nothing more disappointing than people getting drunk far too quickly and the evening petering out.

Dare Games

If you’re planning on playing dare games, which can often spiral madly out of control as the night goes on, make sure that everyone invited is up for it. There’s nothing worse than a group of you all running around trying to see how many men/girls you can kiss, and someone else looking on disapprovingly.

Stay in Touch

If you’re the one in charge of organising the party make sure you have your mobile phone with you. Even if you’re just a small group going around town, it’s easy to get separated especially as the night wears on, and at least this way, people can find out where you are.

Go Gently

If you’re planning on playing what you think is a mild trick on the bride or groom make sure that they can take it. You’ll be surprise how pre wedding nerves can make a person feel jittery and stressed which can bring on a total loss of humour and ruin the night.

No matter what you plan for your party, keep all these tips in mind and everyone will have a great time.


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