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Traditionally a guy’s stag party is his last opportunity to hit the town foot loose and fancy free. If he’s the one getting hitched it’s a chance to hang out with his mates and spend a day doing just what he wants. However, if drink and debauchery aren’t his idea of fun, there’s plenty of other fun that you can organize for the guys to enjoy. It doesn’t mean that drink isn’t involved, but it’s not the main focus of attention either. Here are some ideas to get you started:


Outdoor Activities

If he loves the great outdoors or is the adventurous type, then there are countless options. How about an overnight fishing trip complete with renting a log cabin. Or what about an adventure day of zip lining or kayaking. Or what about a weekend enjoying the ski slopes of Whistler. Well known for its killer village filled with gorgeous women, it’s also got a pretty good restaurant and club scene going on.

Paint Balling

If you’ve never had a go at this activity then it’s definitely time you did. There’s nothing more riotous than a group of guys whacking each other in the side of the head with a paintball.

Casino or Racetrack

Casinos are springing up everywhere and it’s a great place to spend an evening and enjoy a gamble. Who knows you could even win enough to pay for the honeymoon!

Night Indoors

If the group aren’t really the party hard types there’s nothing wrong with having the guys all over and setting up a poker night. Get the beers in, roll up your sleeves and deal out the cards.

Sports Day

If the groom is an avid sports fan then how about going to an away soccer or basketball match, followed by some drinks and an overnight stay. Alternatively, if the groom enjoys playing golf, why not organize a golfing weekend.

Again, when you’re planning the stag party spend some time remembering that it is all about the stag and ensuring that he has a good time. Choose an activity that you know he will enjoy or all chip in to go away for a weekend to a city that he has often spoken about wanting to visit. Rent a limo to ferry yourselves round, anything that makes him feel special and the centre of attention. That’s what being best mates is all about.


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