How to Break the Ice at Doe and Stag Parties

Break the ice


Everyone looks forward to the doe and stag night but quite often there is a wide range of ages and people who don’t know each other, so how do you break the ice and get the party started?


The Ice Breaker

This is a great way to begin the party if very few of the guests know each other. It starts with one person standing up and announcing her name along with something that she likes, which should start with the first initial of her name. So for example, she may say “my name is Donna and I like donkeys”. The next person will say “my name is Alice and I like apples and her name is Donna and she likes donkeys”. The game continues with each person announcing their name and running through all of guests who have already spoken. It gets quite funny as names and likes get muddled up, by guests certainly know each other’s names at the end of the game.

Chink and Drink

This is a great drinking game which can serve as an ice breaker. It involves all of the guests having a full glass of wine or champagne. A series of questions are then asked and anyone who falls into that category has to chink glasses with the others and drink. The usual questions to ask include:

  • Put your glasses together and drink if you work with the bride
  • Put your glasses together and drink and you’re from the groom’s family
  • Put your glasses together and drink if you’re from the bride’s family
  • Put your glasses together and drink if you went to school with the bride
  • Put your glasses together and drink if you have known the bride longer than 10-years
  • Naturally these questions would be changed for the groom and their drinks would probably be pints of beer.

Quick Quiz

Prepare a short quiz of say 10 questions, including things such as “what is your name?”, “what’s your favourite colour?”, “what’s your favourite food?”, “what’s your birth sign?”, “how do you know the bride/groom?”, and then pair up the guests, giving them each a list of the questions to ask. Each guest has to ask all of the other guests the same questions until everyone has had a conversation with everybody and knows a few things about them.

Naturally, everyone needs to be comfortable with the ice breakers so be careful when you choose what people have to do and say. Have fun!


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