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Doe parties are all about the bride to be celebrating her last few days of unmarried life with a group of friends. They all tend to all have the same characteristics which is being loud and sometimes rowdy, brightening up the evening for most of the men in the near vicinity, and lastly, they are one of the best nights out for most women. This stems down to the fact that the doe party is all about playing silly games, giggling like mad, and having the best fun.


With this in mind, here are a few suggestions for some doe party games:

Mr and Mrs Quiz

This is one of the best games to play and can be a lot of fun for everyone involved. It serves to see just how much the bride knows about her groom to be, and usually the groom would have been questioned beforehand. The trick of this game is to come up with some really obscure questions to ask that she won’t know the answer to. You may have to involve the groom’s relatives for some clues here. Obvious questions include his favourite song, book, or sport. You can also ask questions like what was his least favourite subject at school or the name of his best childhood friend. You can try a variation where answers to questions that both the groom and bride answered are written down and the guests have to make up the answers which can be quite funny when they have no idea of the correct answer.

Banned Words

This can be played throughout the evening with certain words being banned from the conversation. These could be things such as “wedding”, “bride”, “groom” etc. Each person gets given two tokens. The person who ‘catches out’ the person who spoke the banned word is handed a token and at the end of the evening the person with the most tokens gets given a small prize.

Write a Poem

These can be romantic or rude. Teams are given the task of composing a short ditty for the bride and these are then read out. The team with the best one is given a small prize and the bride gets to keep the poems as a keepsake.


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