Bridal Shower Tips

Planning the perfect bridal shower


If you can’t resist another excuse to celebrate your engagement, you may want to have a bridal shower. Traditionally it’s the duty of someone close to the bride to organize the shower (bride’s sister, maid of honor or bridesmaids) but of course it is the personal choice of the bride’s as to whether she may want one or not. The bride never plans her own bridal shower — so close relatives and maid of honor here are some hints if you need a little help!


Bridal showers are typically held in the day two to four weeks before the wedding, at a member of the bridal party’s house. The shower brings friends and family from all aspects of the bride-to-be’s life together. The point is quite simply to ‘shower’ the bride with useful gifts to get the married couple started in their new life together. Do not confuse with a doe/stagette party which is to celebrate the bride to be’s last moments of being single. Bridal showers are to help the bride on her way to blissful married life!


The venue of the bridal shower depends upon how big or small the party is. Smaller groups can easily be accommodated at somebody’s home or at a restaurant. Intimate bridal showers in somebody’s home are the favored style of shower as you can add personal touches to the décor and the bride has the privacy of being with her guests alone. If your party is larger in number, book a reception venue room at leisure club or hotel.


Whether or not you wish to provide food at the shower is down to your budget and style of bridal shower. If you wish to have a more intimate, cozy feel — why not provide afternoon tea with various homemade cupcakes and cookies. If you’d rather go for a lunch, hold a buffet consisting of finger foods like little sandwiches, snacks and appetizers.

Theme and Décor

You do not necessarily have to have a specific theme for the bridal shower; again it is down to the style of bridal shower you are throwing. You could stick to the traditional aim of the celebration — the wedding of the husband and wife to be — and provide little wedding-orientated details, like your own wedding dress on a dress stand at the door, photos of the couple, photos of the bride with her mother and friends, the date of the shower printed on name place cards and napkins. You could incorporate the wedding color theme into the shower by having colored decorations on the table/around the room.


Games are great ice breakers at a bridal shower if most of the guests don’t already know each other very well. Popular bridal shower games include: bridal themed bingo, ‘know the bride’ trivia or ‘dress the bride’ where the members of the party are divided into teams and have to design/dress their model in a wedding dress made from toilet paper in three minutes.


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