Ways to Treasure Your Wedding Photographs

Your wedding photographs


Long gone are the days when wedding photos were stuffed away in dusty albums in the closet and very rarely brought out. Today’s couples are looking for innovative and fun ways to display their wedding photos without the room looking like a shrine to “I do”.

The following are a few ideas for displaying your photos and keeping your memories alive:

Digital Photo Frames

These clever frames are a great way of having an ever changing photo in a frame. There’s many styles and sizes to choose from and you can either have one photo showing or run a slide show, complete with music if you choose to.

Printing on Canvas

Another fun idea is to portray a wedding photo on canvas and use it as a special piece of artwork on any wall in your house. One such company which offers this service online is Canvascandada.ca and you simply choose your frame, download the photo of your choice and they do all the rest.

Coffee Table Books

These ingenious books are more stylised than the traditional wedding photo album and, as the name suggests, are left laying on the coffee table for guests to browse through whilst you are out of the room. Again there’s several companies that offer this service including mypicturebook.ca which lets you create your own book using a variety of covers and templates.

Oil Painting

Another idea is to have your wedding photo portrayed as an oil painting. Again there are companies online to offer this service and you simply supply them with your chosen photo and they paint an oil painting from that.

Wall Gallery

Rather than sticking a large framed photo above the mantelpiece which always looks rather cheesy how about creating your own wall gallery. Choose simple frames in the same colour, but in a variety of sizes, and then display your photos all on one wall. Mix and match the ones of you both with photos of your favourite details, such as your bouquet or the church façade. Black and white or sepia photos work best for this type of display and look stunning when set on a plain white wall. Get a calligrapher to create a few stylish initials which you can put into frames and hang amongst the photos for a unique and quirky touch.

Fun Ideas

Finally, you can have fun with your photos by uploading them on to such things as coasters, calendars, mouse mats, keepsake boxes, tote bags and even woven photo blankets which make a great talking point and feature in your room. Companies such as shutterfly.com have lots of ideas to give you inspiration.


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