The Benefits of an Engagement Shoot

Engagement shoots


Many photographers now offer an engagement shoot as part of their wedding packages and this is a service which can really benefit both the couple and their photographer. In fact, it’s often an idea to consider this service as a kind of dress rehearsal for the wedding.


You know how self conscious and goofy you can sometimes feel when posing for a photograph and when you see the photos you convince yourself that you’re simply not photogenic. Well, most wedding photographers would recommend that you take advantage of an engagement shoot because it has so many benefits.

Getting to Know Your Photographer

One of the most important aspects of the engagement shoot is that is gives you and your photographer a chance to hang out together, to get to know each other, and to feel comfortable with each other. You learn to build up trust and, most importantly, the ice is broken.

How to Pose

It’s not very often that a couple find themselves posing for professional photos and spending this valuable time with your chosen photographer gives you both a chance to find out what works well and what doesn’t. In return the couple will feel more comfortable in front of the lens and safe in the hands of their photographer. After receiving the engagement photos the bride who ‘hates’ being photographed or who is ‘not photogenic’ will know exactly how to pose for her wedding and what style of photos she would like replicated.

Chance for The Couples to Have Fun Together

Normally by the time the e shoot takes place, couples have done much of their wedding planning and are really just counting down the days and trying not to feel too stressed. The engagement shoot allows them to let their hair down a bit and have some fun, whilst practising posing together. It’s often a good idea to have the location be a place that means something special to the couple. Such as where they first met, a favourite bar, the zoo, anything that they enjoy doing together and will give the photographer more of a clue to their personalities and little quirks, if any.

Practice Your Hair and Make Up

Another good idea for the engagement shoot is for the bride to have her hair and make up as she would for her wedding day. This gives her ample opportunity to see if it looks how she wants it to and she can advise her stylist or make up person of any changes that she would like to see.

The engagement photos can be used as gifts for the family, or a keepsakes. Some ingenious couples use them as part of their hand crafted wedding invitations. Taking advantage of an engagement shoot is most definitely a win win option and can only benefit you both.


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