Photographer or Videographer, or Both?

Photographer or videographer?


If you’re trying to keep within a fairly small budget when it comes to your wedding photography then you might be struggling with whether to choose between a photographer or a videographer if you can’t stretch to both.


It’s a tricky decision and not one to make lightly, and with this in mind, here’s a few pros and cons of each which might help you make up your mind.

Pros of a Wedding Photographer

Wedding photographs can be elegantly displayed in frames and hung on the wall or sat on the sideboard, to serve as a constant reminder of your wedding day. They can create a wonderful piece of artwork for your walls.

Photos are easier to share with friends by posting them on to sites such as Facebook and it’s also relatively inexpensive to have prints made to send out.

Cons of a Wedding Photographer

A photo only captures one single moment and consequently large chunks of the day will get missed and the bride and groom may not even be aware of lots of things that went on during the day.

Pros of a Videographer

A video can capture the whole essence of the special day from the bride walking down the aisle, to the music playing. It can capture the couple exchanging vows and also doing their first dance. In fact, it can capture funny and tear jerking moments, which a wedding photographer will quite likely miss.

Cons of a Videographer

People have to sit down and watch a video and some may not particularly want to watch a full length version of the couple’s wedding.

At the end of the day, the choice is personal to the couple in question and hinges on whether they want elegantly framed photos of single moments to share with family and friends and display on their walls or whether they would prefer a full length video, (capturing all of the drama and emotions which took place) to sit down to in years to come and share with family and friends.

It’s a tough choice and most couples would agree that they couldn’t contemplate one and not the other. So, if you possibly can, try and budget for both in your wedding or at least ask a family member or close friend to bring along a video camera.


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