Tips on Choosing Your Wedding Colour Scheme

Fidning the color scheme that's right for you


Finalising your wedding colour scheme is one of the most exciting parts of your wedding planning and is key when it comes to setting the tone for the day and letting guests know what to expect. When choosing your colour scheme you need to consider and co-ordinate, but not necessarily match, the colours in your bridesmaids dresses, flowers, decorations, cake, table linen and even the invitations and wedding favors.


So Where Do You Begin?

The location of your wedding plays a key part in choosing your colour scheme. For example a beach wedding lends itself well to vivid tropical colors whereas an outdoor wedding lends itself better to pastel shades and colors that you find in nature. An indoor wedding needs to be governed to a certain extent by the décor, since you don’t want to clash with the carpet or wall colour.

It usually helps to take your inspiration from the seasons since Spring and Summer tend to focus on light and bright colours whereas Fall and Winter concentrate more on deep, rich and dark colours. For example:

  • In Spring you might choose pinks and yellows
  • In Summer you could choose reds, purples and blues
  • In Fall you could choose russet colors, like oranges, browns and gold
  • In Winter burgundy, forest green and plum are popular

Choosing Different Shades of Colour

You might like to concentrate on one colour, say pink or purple, and then use varying hues throughout your theme. A good idea is to use a paint colour chart to see which shades work with each other. If you’ve chosen floral bridesmaids dresses then you could pick out one of the main colours from these and use various shades of that colour.

A Monochromatic Look

If you have a particular favourite colour, whether it be fuchsia pink or crimson, then you could choose that as your prime colour and use it in your bouquet, in the bridesmaids dresses, and in the table decorations and then use a neutralising color alongside it such as cream or ivory. Pick out your prime colour in chair sashes or table runners, and in the packaging of your wedding favours.

Good Colour Schemes

Colours that work well together include black and white, which look stunning for an evening reception, with a touch of metallic silver for an accent colour. There’s plenty of lovely white flowers such a lilies, roses or carnations.

For an outdoor Summer garden wedding, yellow and green look fabulous. Think of bright yellow daisies arranged casually in soft green watering cans or buckets, yellow and green floral bunting waving gently in the breeze, yellow cushions on the chairs, a daisy motif on the place settings.

The important thing about your colour scheme is that you like it, but also that you don’t overdo it. Use bold colours as accent colours and complement them with neutral colours or use varying shades of just one or two colours.


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