Tips for Your Wedding Gift List

Compiling a wedding gift list


Wedding gift lists can be a somewhat tricky issue but if you don’t make one you run the risk of receiving half a dozen toasters or kettles, which kindly guests obviously thought were the main stay of any newly wed’s wishes. Nowadays many couples have already set up home before they get married and consequently have no need for extra bowls and dishes, and this is why a gift list is doubly important, as it saves a lot of trouble and confusion on both the part of the wedding couple and on guests.

Gift list

It used to be that a bride’s mother created a list and guests would phone her for inspiration. She would manage the list and remove items as they were bought. Modern day couples create the list themselves and normally operate a registry at stores such as Sears or Crate and Barrel who have a huge array of merchandise from crockery and cutlery to items of furniture and gifts for the home.

This process runs smoothly since it makes it easy for guests to choose a gift, and pay on line, whilst ensuring couples only receive gifts that they need and don’t end up with duplicates. Sometimes couples that already have everything they need in their homes, may set up a honeymoon gift list whereby family and guests actually contribute to the cost of the honeymoon. Companies such as Honeywish operate this type of service which enables guests to make individual contributions towards the honeymoon such as gifting a romantic dinner on the beach or a night at the hotel or maybe a luxurious spa treatment or part of the cost of a safari trip.

Couples often wonder whether it is the done thing to insert details of the registry within an invitation, particularly if a guest has only been invited to the evening. I would say that this is perfectly acceptable (and let’s face it most couples expect to bring as gift to the wedding) provided the wording is worded in the right manner. Couples often feel awkward as it is about mentioning gifts so a nicely worded verse such as “The best gift for us is your presence at the celebration of our marriage. However, if you want to buy us a gift, we do have a list at ......”or in the case of couples already living together “As we have been living together for several years, our cupboards and drawers are bursting with pans and towels. If you would like to contribute to our honeymoon, we have a wish list at......”.

So take the trouble to create a wedding gift list. No one will be offended.


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