Things to Include in a Bridal Emergency Bag

Planning ahead


You know the old Scout’s motto, “always be prepared”, well the same applies to the Maid of Honour who should take it upon herself to ensure that she is prepared with an emergency kit for the bride on her special day.


Think of an emergency kit as a small overnight bag and have it packed the night before to give to the Maid of Honour who can keep it somewhere safe and handy should any minor emergencies crop up.

Here are some ideas of what the kit should contain:

Extra Make Up

Keep a spare lipstick or lip gloss in your bag so that you can touch up your lips, especially for the wedding photographs and also keep a compact of translucent power and a small brush to eliminate a shiny face.

Small hand held mirror to go along with the make up.

Aspirin or Gravol

Nerves can bring on a headache and even make you feel nauseous, so have a supply of medication at the ready

Tissues and Q Tips

There’s bound to be some tears on the day, so keep something handy in case your make up runs and you need to carry out a repair job.


Just for the bride who is close to her time of the month. Nerves could bring it on, and you certainly don’t want to leave this one to chance.

Nail File and Polish

Your hands are going to be on show all day, so even if your nails look amazing at the moment, bring along a file and polish just in case.

Breath Mints

You’re going to be hugging and kissings tons of people, so keep your breath fresh at all times with some handy mints.

Spare Pair of Nylons

This is crucial especially for the garter shot which usually comes much later in the day. If you’re wearing a crinoline, they often snag nylons, so don’t take a chance.

Flat Pair of Ballet Pumps

It’s a long day on your feet so packing a pair of pretty ballet pumps will give feet a much deserved break during the day and you can easily change into them once the photos are out of the way.

Small Mending Kit

You never know when a hook and eye could come away, so be prepared for any small emergencies with a sewing kit and some small safety pins.

Stain Removal

Pack a piece of white chalk which is handy for minor stain removals on a white dress.

Finger Food

More often than not, the bride is too busy or nervous to remember to eat, so pack a cheese cracker or cereal bar, to stave off any hunger pangs.


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