Re-Use Your Wedding Items

How to make the most of your wedding items after the big day!


Just because the wedding is over, it doesn’t mean you have to put everything away and forget about it. You spent so much money and put so much thought into choosing the items for your wedding, it seems a shame to shut them away.

Transform your Dress

You felt like a million dollars in your wedding dress, so why not wear it again? Get it dyed or shortened so you can wear it to other formal events, or consider a ‘trash the dress’ shoots to create an amazing series of photos to treasure forever.

transform your dress

Enjoy Your Cake

If all your cake didn’t get eaten at the wedding, use it as an excuse to invite family and friends over for coffee and wedding cake! You can catch up and share pictures from the wedding.

enjoy your cake

Sell Your Décor

Recoup some of your wedding costs by selling off some of your wedding décor – you don’t really need 40 mason jars, do you? You could even donate items you no longer need to help those who can’t afford to splash out.

Wear Your Wedding Jewellery

Don’t put away your special wedding jewellery, never to wear it again! Diamond drop earrings may not be everyday where, but you can bring them out on your anniversary, or lend them to a bride-to-be friend to share the luck.

Dye Your Shoes

If you spent a fortune on white wedding shoes, consider getting them dyed to a more wearable color so you can wear them time and time again. 

dye your shoes


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