Ideas for DIY Weddings



If you find that your wedding budget is running away from you, then a good idea is to make some of the wedding extras yourself. Not only can this save you money but it also adds a touch of your personality to the wedding, making it unique to you and your groom.

Making Your Own Decorations

Bunting is very much the decoration of the day and is really cheap and easy to make. Lines of bunting can be used to drape around the fronts of dessert tables, it can decorate the pathway from the aisle to the altar or it can hang along the edge of the bar. If you’re holding an outside wedding, it looks great hung between the trees. The easiest and cheapest way to make your own bunting is to purchase some vintage sheets from re-sale shops in colours or designs to match your wedding theme. Make a triangle template from card and use this to cut out your flags, using pinking shears so that the fabric doesn’t fray. The flags are then spaced evenly along lines of string, bias tape or ribbon leaving enough room at each end for tying. Secure the flags in place by folding the top end over the string and sewing neatly in place.

An Alternative to Flowers

Feathers make an excellent and very versatile alternative to using fresh flowers for your wedding décor. Compared to flowers feathers are relatively inexpensive to buy and much easier to arrange yourself. They create large, voluminous displays on tables for a dramatic effect that doesn’t weight the table down. Try arranging black and white feathers in tall, thin white vases which would lend itself to an evening wedding with a black and white theme. Feathers also look very chic combined with roses in a wedding bouquet or a feather and lily boutonnière also looks amazing.

Handmade Wedding Favors

Finally, if you’re crafty or good at baking then why not make your own wedding favors. This is a great way of incorporating the theme into your wedding but it also shows your guests how much you appreciate them. Rather than provide guests with favours that will sit on a shelf and gather dust, why not make them something edible. Heart shaped cookies with the guest names iced on them is a neat idea or some small glass jars filled with candy and decorated with a home made label would also be well received.


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