Beating the Post-Wedding Blues

After the big day


After the build up and excitement of your wedding, it’s not uncommon to get a case of the post-wedding blues. Your wedding day will have been a big focus in your life and now there is no seating plan to arrange, favors to make or bunting to create, you may be feeling a little lost at how to spend this new found spare time. Take a look at our top tips on how to beat the post wedding blues.

Don’t Feel Guilty About It

Feeling a bit down when the wedding is over is perfectly natural so don’t beat yourself up about it. Talk about it with your partner rather than keeping your feelings bottled up.

Post Wedding Blues

Reconnect with Friends

Being so busy with wedding planning could mean you lost touch with your friends – use this spare time to re-connect and keep those relationships going strong.

Post Wedding Blues

Have Some Couple Time

Now you are a married couple, don’t let the romance fade. Make time to spend romantic evenings together without the distraction of mobile phones, work emails and chores.

Post Wedding Blues

Make Your Home Your New Focus

It’s likely you will have received a lot of gifts for your home since your wedding, so why not making your home a focus in your life. Clear out all your old things and make room for all your beautiful wedding gifts.

Use Your New Found Skills

Perhaps during your wedding planning you became a master of calligraphy? Or are you a whizz at table planning? Use your new found skills to help out any friends going through the wedding planning process themselves.


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