6 Canadian Wedding Traditions

Traditional ideas for your big day


Each and every wedding gives at least a small nod to tradition — some wedding traditions are world-wide, some from your family and some from the country where you grew up. If you want to embrace a bit of your Canadian heritage on your special day then take a look at some Canadian wedding traditions.

Having a Trousseau Tea

This old tradition is slowly fading so why not give it a revival! The trousseau tea is a tea party held by the mother of the bride, traditionally neighbours, colleagues and acquaintances - who are not invited to the wedding — are invited to attend. The mother of the bride lays out the bride’s trousseau (the wedding and bridal shower gifts) and it’s a great way to share this special time with those in your extended circle.

Something Old - Trousseau Tea

Wearing White

Wearing white is a tradition that some say originated in France so in the past, French-Canadian brides especially would always wear white — although this is a tradition that the majority of brides in the Western world now follow!

Something Old - Wearing White

The Sock Dance

This is a really fun tradition that pulls the whole family together! The unmarried siblings of the bride and groom perform a dance wearing silly socks and the wedding guests will throw money at them which the bride and groom later collect as part of their wedding gift.

Meeting at the Bride’s House

Old French-Canadian tradition states that the groom’s party should arrive at the bride’s parents’ house and take a train of cars together where they honk and shout in celebration to really get the party started.

The Wedding Wheel

This is a tradition where the guests line up and pay a dollar (or more!) to dance with the bride or groom, tradition states that this money is to help pay for the day of the wedding and for the honeymoon.

Something Old - Canadian Dollar

The Shoe Dance

As an alternative to the wedding wheel to help pay for the wedding, there is also a tradition called the shoe dance. The shoe dance is when the bride dances around the dance floor with wedding guests who will fill her shoes with money. Or in more recent times, a white drawstring bag is used instead (a great idea as you can fit more in it!).

Something Old - Shoes Dance

Will you be including some Canadian wedding traditions in your wedding day? Browse our traditions and symbols page for more on Canadian wedding traditions and other wedding traditions from around the world!


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