Writing Your Thank You Notes

How to write your wedding thank you notes


A thank you note is the perfect way to show your wedding guests you appreciated their attendance at your wedding, and are grateful for the gift they gave you, no matter what it was – their presence at your special day is enough reason to send them a note.

Thank you notes are an essential part of wedding etiquette and should be sent out within two months of your wedding. We’ve created a list to make sure you find sending out your thank you notes simple and straightforward.

wedding thank you note etiquette

Make a List

If gifts arrive ahead of your wedding day, make a detailed list of who gave what. Ask someone in your wedding party to make sure the gifts received on the day are clearly labelled, and if they’re not, to discreetly note who gave which present. When you come to writing your thank you cards you can add a personal message about the gift.


Thank you notes should be hand written — if you don’t have time or have terrible handwriting, you can buy readymade cards, but add in a personal message too.

No Gift?

Even if you didn’t receive a gift from a guest, you should still write to them and thank them for attending your day. Gifts aren’t compulsory, and can even sometimes go missing or not be labelled, so always be grateful and gracious.

When to Send

Send out your thank you notes as soon as possible. It’ll be easier to personalize messages when it’s fresh in your mind, and the longer you leave it the less likely you are to do it. They should be sent out no later than two months after the day.

Get Organized

Make sure you keep your guest list, which will have all the addresses you mailed your invites to. Address all the envelopes and add stamps before you start writing the notes, so you can develop a rhythm: write the note, in the envelope, seal.

Make it Personal

This is why it’s so important to remember who gave what. Your guests have taken the time to choose a gift they think you’ll love. Recognise this. Include details about the color and what you like best about it: “Thank you so much for the beautiful blue vase. It will look so lovely in our dining room.” If the guest has given you a monetary gift, you should indicate what you plan to spend it on: “Thank you so much for your kind gift of $150. We plan on using this to help landscape our garden.”


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