Unique Wedding Invitation Ideas

Wedding stationery ideas


The invitations to weddings can form the style and feel of the occasion long before the day arrives. If you want to add a little twist to the traditional written wedding invitations and really make a statement, see our unique invitation ideas for something a little different.

Once you have chosen the style of the invitations, brainstorm items and materials that will convey the style and ambiance you want on the day.

If you wish to make the invitation more of a package, pop in something that will serve as a little surprise for guests as they open it. Giant lollipops portray a cute and fun style — you could choose lollipops in colors coordinating with your wedding or stick with one, simple color for a more minimalistic, elegant look. Design paper circles that can be stuck on the front of each with a design that relates to your wedding theme, then on the back print the wedding invitation text. Add finishing touches like a ribbon bow and an RSVP gift tag around the stick.

If you want to create an impression your guests can keep forever, you could create your own wedding tea towel (after all, why spend all that money on something people are going to throw away?). There are various websites online that allow you to create your own with a vast choice of designs, styles, colors, fonts and images.

If your wedding is going to be exotic/beach themed or if you’re getting married abroad, why not send a message in a bottle? Roll up each invitation and put inside a little glass bottle quarter filled with sand and little seashells, pop a cork in and add a finishing touch of a little wicker bow around the top.


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