Should You Send Out Formal or Informal Invitations

Formal or informal?


Wedding invitations are one of the most important parts of your wedding planning, since without invitations there won’t be any guests. Getting the wording correct and knowing what to include can be a tough nut to crack, so here’s a few tips to help you.


When to Send Out The Invitations

Generally speaking, the invitations should be sent out six weeks before the wedding to give the guests time to make sure their day is clear and to make any travel or accommodation arrangements. It also gives you the opportunity of bringing forward the RSVP date, to say three weeks before the wedding so that you can start making a seating plan before entering that frenzied last week before the wedding period.

Should The Invitations be Informal or Formal?

If you’re holding a large traditional wedding, then it would be more appropriate to send out a formal style of printed invitation. This sets the tone for the day and lets guests know what to expect. If, however, you’re keeping the wedding rather more low key and informal then you can send a fun, theme styled wedding invitation or even text or email your guests.

Who Should the Invitation Come From?

This rather depends on who is paying for the wedding. If the parents are paying for the entire costs then your invitations should be worded to the effect that parents’ names request the pleasure of guest name at the wedding of their daughter to groom’s name. If, on the other hand, the couple are paying for the wedding themselves, but the parents are contributing a little money to help, then the wording could be more along the lines of bride’s name and groom’s name along with their parents parents’ names request the honour of your presence. This indicates that the couple are hosting the wedding along with their parents.

What Details Should the Invitation Give?

The main details needed are obviously the date and time of the wedding together with the address of the church and/or venue. It makes sense to include a map or web location for both, to save guests ringing you on the day, for directions. To avoid single guests bringing an unwanted partner along, write out the full name of the guest so it is clear that it is for them only, or add ‘with guest’ if you don’t mind them bringing someone along. A dress code should be added as well as where to find the couple’s wedding registry. Also include an RSVP date. If you’re including a reply card then add a stamped addressed envelope, this way you’ve more chance of getting your replies back quicker.


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