Quick Tips on Writing Your Thank You Notes

Writing your thank you notes


Receiving a wedding gift and sending a thank you note go hand in hand. Sending personalised thank you notes to your gift bearers is your opportunity to show them how much you appreciate their kind gesture.

If you thought the stress was over once you said “I do”, forget it. As much as the idea of ripping open tons of presents when you come back from your honeymoon sounds fantastic, you’ll soon step back to reality when you realise just how many thank you notes you have to write. If you follow these tips, then the task won’t seem quite so daunting.

Do yourself a favour and make sure that you have saved a copy of the guest list that you made way back when you sent out the invitations and have it close to hand as you open the presents. Enter what present you received by the guest’s name this way you have an instant list.

Getting Started

Set up a designated work station at home somewhere comfortable.

Buy yourself some ready printed thank you notes or get some printed with your monogram, to flaunt your new wedded status.

Make sure you have a decent pen to write with, not the cheap sort that drop blobs of ink as you write.

Writing them — Hints and Tips

Start sending out thank you notes as soon as presents arrive, which might be before the wedding.

Don’t try and get them all written in one go — it just won’t happen

Try and get them all done within the time scale of your two month anniversary, that way everyone will be happy.

Make sure you wrote a few details on your list such as brand name of item received, for example ‘Beach Hamilton toaster’, otherwise you’ll never remember which of the 5 toasters your Aunt Mary sent you.

If you were sent money, then give some indication of how you plan to spend it. For example, ‘thank you for your kind check, we plan on putting it towards a new sofa’.

Finally, the most satisfying part. Put a large check mark next to each name once you have written a note for them.


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