Making Your Own Wedding Stationery

Are DIY invites right for you?


How much should you pay for your wedding stationery? Now that’s a tough one. Every couple has different ideas when it comes to managing their wedding budget and most are prepared to sacrifice a few thrills in order to save money. However, saving money doesn’t have to mean cutting corners. If you’ve set your wedding date and are prepared to invest your time and patience in order to save some cash, then making your wedding stationery could be for you.


When it comes to making your own wedding stationery, there are several benefits to be had.

Control Over Your Spending

Making your own stationery still allows you to have some great looking invitations, place settings and wedding programmes within the confines of the tightest budget

One of a Kind

Making your own stationery gives you the freedom to customise your stationery so that it fits perfectly within your wedding theme and is totally unique to you.


Since the invitation is likely to be the first thing that your guests see, they will feel very honoured and indeed privileged that you have gone to the trouble of making a card especially for them

Making Your Own Stationery is Fun and Rewarding

Depending on how much time and effort you want to throw at your wedding stationery, you have a couple of options. Firstly you can go on line and find sites that have custom templates already in place and you simply add your own details and then use their printing service or use your own computer. Either way you will have to do the assembly yourself at home. Alternatively, there are plenty of stores which sell all the craft items which you will need to make some shop stopping invitations. This is the best option if you like to physically see before you buy. Otherwise an online search will reveal plenty of craft stores that sell blank cards, envelopes and all sorts of embellishments for your stationery, including diamantés, transfers, foils, ribbons and lots more besides. The only limit when it comes to making your stationery is your imagination.

One word of warning, though, never under estimate the time needed to make your stationery. You may find it a good idea to set up a production line of family or friends who can each do a stage of the design. Have fun and be proud of your results.


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