A Quick Guide to Wedding Stationery Options

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When it comes to organising and planning the wedding stationery, the task can seem rather daunting as there are so many stationery options such as send the dates, invitations, place cards, order of service and so on. It can be baffling to know whether wedding etiquette dictates that you need them all. With this in mind, here a quick guide to the different options:


Save the Dates

This is basically an announcement that you’ve set the wedding date and that the recipient is going to be invited. It’s not a necessity but it can be useful, especially if you’re getting married in peak vacation or over a holiday period. It just forewarns people to keep that date free, if at all possible.


This is the official invitation to your wedding ceremony and to the reception and is sent to those people who you would like to attend the whole day. The list usually comprises family members, and close friends. Sometimes a reply card is included, but most people send a card of acceptance back or phone or email their acceptance.

Evening Invitations

These are sent to all the extra people who you would like to share an evening reception with, on top of the guests that have attended the ceremony and the wedding breakfast. The list would normally comprise of work colleagues and casual friends.

Place Cards

These little cards are placed on the reception tables so that guests know exactly where they are sitting. Usually a board is in place to show guests which table they are on, but the place setting shows exactly where to sit at that table.

Menu Cards

This is a printed card for a sit down reception showing the wedding guests exactly what sumptuous delights they are going to be offered for each course. They are placed strategically on the table, one for each person. Some guests may even like to take them home as a keepsake of the day.

Order of Service

These are provided for guests at a religious service and are sometimes offered as an alternative to handing our prayer an hymn books. Depending on your preference, they can contain inserts with printed details of the whole of your service, including the wording of the hymns, or they may just list what is happening at each stage of the ceremony and guests will be provided with prayer and hymn books also.


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