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Hot Destinations

Don’t waste valuable couple time damaging your locks by sweating it out under a hairdryer, simply spray in a tousle spray or leave-in conditioner and scrunch hair in your hands. You’ll get those sexy beach waves rather than a frazzled, burnt-out blow dry look.


Your new hubby thinks you are beautiful no matter what, but if you just can’t face going completely make-up free, go over your lashes with a waterproof mascara and a colored lip stain — they’ll leave you with that glowing, ‘au naturale look’ — stain and streak free.

If you’re having your hair colored for your wedding, make sure the appointment is booked about two weeks before your honeymoon so the color has time to settle before being showered with heat, salt and chlorine.

Keep that post-wedding glowing skin free from mosquito bites and take bite prevention cream or spray.

Cold Destinations

If it’s a cold-weather mountain or snowy destination you’re heading to, ensure you stock up on moisturizing products. Take an intense lip balm, facial cream and a rich all over body lotion.

The cold can dry out your hair as well as your skin, so pack a deep conditioning hair mask and apply every other day, or there are some that you can leave in overnight.

Don’t forget that just because it may be cold, it doesn’t mean the sun won’t shine so ensure you apply sun cream – no matter what country you are in, burn marks are never a good look!

Make up wise, keep it simple and minimalist — dust a light shimmer over your eye-lids, a slick of gloss or balm on your lips and a pale pink blusher — the cold weather will ensure you get a natural blush as soon as you step outside anyway.

Lastly wherever you are in the world, remember to drink plenty of water to counteract all those cocktails and champagne! You may also be in the sun regularly or eating lots of luxurious food which means you’ll dehydrate much faster than usual.


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