What Should You Be Asking Your Florist?

Know what to ask


Beautiful flowers can transform your wedding venue as well as complementing a theme, but just what sort of questions do you need to ask a florist to make sure that you feel comfortable with your choice and confident that they will exceed your expectations?


Design Philosophy

Florists are creative folk and most love nothing better than talking abut their design skills, the type of flowers they enjoy working with, and their choice of color palette. Ask yourself whether their views fit in with yours. Also ask to see some samples of their work. The more variety you see, the more likely you are to end up with what you want, rather than a run of the mill display. Also ask if they can give references from other brides in your area.


Try to gauge their expertise by asking what flowers will be in season at that time of the year, what flowers are most likely to wilt in hot weather, whether they can suggest flowers to match your color scheme.


Are they able to work within a budget and, if your budget is on the small size, can they offer any suggestions to help you get the most for your money. It may be that they can offer alternatives to your chosen flowers which may cost less but which will still have the same visual impact.

Familiarity with the Venue

Enquire whether they have any pre knowledge of your chosen venue and, if so, can they show you any examples of displays they created for that venue. If they haven’t done flowers for that venue, then would they be prepared to visit it with you to discuss and suggest ideas?


Can they co-ordinate the personal flowers, such as corsages and boutonièrres to match all a=the other flowers (bouquets, ceremony, reception).

Rental Accessories

Can they offer rental of such things as arches, urns, pew bows, candelabras, potted plants etc.


Some florists deliver, others don’t. Be sure to ask the question so that you aren’t dashing across town on the morning of your wedding to collect your flowers. They may be able to deliver for an additional charge.

Set Up

Be sure to ask whether set up is included once they deliver the flowers so that you aren’t caught short handed, and what the charge is.


How much deposit is needed and when is payment of the final balance required?


Sometimes a bride likes to keep her bouquet to look at in years to come, so check whether or not they deal in flower preservation.


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