Tips for Making Your Own Bridal Bouquet

Sticking to your budget


If none of the florist’s ideas (or prices!) have taken your fancy and you’re feeling creative, add a personal touch to your wedding by following our tips on creating your own bridal bouquet.


You may have already looked a previous wedding bouquet examples and have a few ideas in mind, if not, it might help to look through our inspiration galleries for design ideas. When planning your bouquet, know your budget, color and theme then research the flowers you would like, to ensure they fit in with the above.

A real money saving idea is to go with whatever is in season — if there is a certain flower you want but it isn’t in season then it will have to be flown in, and this will cost you a lot more.

The next point to consider is whether you will want fresh or silk flowers. Fresh flowers are very traditional and some consider them to be an absolute must for a wedding however they can be more expensive and difficult to work with when preparing and tying your bouquet. Silk flowers on the other hand are easier to handle and the bouquet can be prepared way in advance.

If you choose to go with fresh flowers, start no sooner than a day before the wedding or the flowers will wilt.

The first thing to do before making your bouquet is to properly process the flowers so they are in their best condition. Next, remove the excess foliage and thorns and remove any damaged petals and trim the stems on a slant a little from the bottom to expose more stem surface area.

To bring your bouquet together, take one flower that will be at the center then gradually add the other flowers one by one going around your center flower. It has been advised to create a domed effect to your bouquet, hold the stem of the centre flower in the palm of your hand at a 45 degree angle and rotate each time you add a new flower.

When you are happy with the look of your bouquet, use elastic or garden string and floristry tape to bind the stems of your bouquet in the place you were holding them together.

To add the finishing touches you could pop pearl headed corsage pins along the length of the string to ensure it is fastened securely and then add the bouquet wrap of your choice (e.g white ribbon). And lastly, place the bouquet in a vase of water and flower food. On the day of the wedding make sure you keep the flowers in a cool place until they are needed to ensure they stay fresh and wilt-free.


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