Sticking to Your Flower Budget

Planning your wedding flowers


Your wedding flowers are an important part of the celebrations and you can normally expect to allow 8-10% of your total wedding budget to cover the flowers. However, if you’re working on a small budget that could leave you without a great deal of money to spend. With this in mind, here’s some tips for keeping within your budget.


Keep it Seasonal

The very lesson in keeping to your budget is to only consider flowers that are seasonal. If you’re going to choose flowers that have to be imported on grown under special conditions, then you’re going to drain your budget very quickly.

Keep it Simple

Another way to keep costs down is to keep your flower arrangements simple. Many flowers are sold in packs of 10 and if you are wanting lots of variety then you will ending up paying for lots of flowers that won’t even get used for the wedding. A simple bouquet will not only look very elegant but will keep costs down.

Choose Roses

You may think that roses will be out of your price range (and if your wedding is in February, you’re probably right). However, roses are usually packed in bunches of around 25 stems and by using mainly roses you could save money this way. To add a bit of oomph to your bouquet you could add some dendrobium orchids. Although florists will tell you that they aren’t cheap, you get around 9 to 12 blooms on each stem which can be utilised by taking them off the stem and attaching them to an orchid straw to keep them hydrated. Spread amongst your bouquet will give it a really elegant look.

Grow Your Own

You could consider growing your own flowers for your wedding and asking friends and family to start a garden. Simple hand tied bouquets are very much in fashion and are something simple that a bride can create herself. You could pool all of your flowers for the reception and arrange them in identical containers or tie the look in with the same color ribbon.

Flowers for Tall Venues

If your venue has tall ceilings and you’re struggling for decorative table centre pieces that don’t look lost, then you could consider using gladiolas. These really tall flowers are easy to grow yourself, and not too expensive to buy, and look simply stunning in tall glass vases. Because they;re so large you won’t need many stems to a vase.

Submersible Decorations

One last tip for affordable table decorations is to use submersible displays. They don’t require many flowers and yet they look simply stunning. The submerged light casts the flower color throughout the display whilst magnifying the flower with a breathtaking result.


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