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It’s a dilemma every bride faces when planning her wedding — should she choose fresh flowers or artificial blooms? Each option comes with its own pros and cons, and there’s no clear cut answer. To help make deciding easier, we interviewed two florists — Julie, who works with fresh flowers, and Judy who specialises in artificial ones. They explain the benefits of the different kinds of flower so you can decide what will work best for you and your wedding.

Fresh Flowers

Julie has run The Floral Fixx in Winnipeg for 13 years. They specialise in weddings and special events, and work mainly with fresh flowers. Upon meeting brides, they establish the bride’s dress, personal taste, style of wedding and colour scheme so they can be sure to pick the right flowers for that particular wedding. Julie is a great fan of fresh flowers:

“Fresh flowers can’t be beaten in terms of look and natural beauty. With a wedding bouquet of fresh flowers, there is more movement, colour and texture, and they have that beautiful natural scent, that will remind a bride of her wedding day for years to come.

Floral Fixx

“It can also work out cheaper to buy fresh flowers! When it comes to silk, there are three different levels of quality. The cheapest silk flowers can look a bit dollar store, but the highest quality can cost around $16 a stem, which is about double the cost of a fresh flower.

“In terms of handling the flowers, there’s a better feel to fresh blooms. When you have them at your wedding, it will really help to bring it all alive. Nowadays we florists aren’t as restricted by seasons as we used to be, and there’s an amazing range of fresh flowers available all year round. If for whatever reason we can’t get some, due to a supplier incident, there are a lot more farms we can turn to nowadays, and can usually get what we need couriered to us within 48 hours.

Floral Fixx

“Sadly, there aren’t that many ways to preserve your fresh flower wedding bouquet to ensure it will last forever – you can dry it, and display it with your wedding stationery, or freeze dry it and display it in glass, but you can’t enjoy it as it was forever. However, a lot of brides still prefer to enjoy the expensive look of fresh flowers and the gorgeous smell, even if it only lasts for the duration of the wedding.

“I would always recommend fresh flowers to a bride, as fresh wedding flowers have a more elegant look. Silk wedding flowers may last longer, but they will never have the real colour, texture or scent. And you can’t beat that excitement of a bride receiving her flowers on her wedding day. With silk flowers, she has most probably already seen them, so there’s no suspense. With fresh, it’s always a lovely surprise! You just can’t beat what Mother Nature provides!”

Floral Fixx

Julie’s top three reasons for choosing fresh wedding flowers are:
• The fragrance, which will remind the bride of her special day for years to come
• The class; fresh flowers have an elegance that silk can’t possess
• The tradition; for a long time, brides collected fresh flowers to carry on their wedding day!

Silk Flowers

Judy owns, a site which uses only the finest quality artificial flowers to create realistic, lasting bouquets for your special day. You can order the flowers online, and have a range of colors and styles to choose from. Your chosen arrangement is then shipped to you, and you don’t have to worry about wilting flowers, or dashing to collect them on the morning of your wedding! Judy backs artificial blooms all the way:

“Wedding flowers are just as important as finding the perfect dress and choosing a sumptuous food menu. It’s a breath of relief to not have to worry about whether or not the flowers will last. Artificial flowers do not have an expiry date, as fresh flowers will eventually die. Fresh flowers also can cause pollen allergies or unwanted fragrances that can be a problem for people who are sensitive.

Bloom Bridal

“Our flowers are so realistic, that many people can’t believe they aren’t real. They are rich in colour, exquisite quality. They have come a long way; their look is just as vibrant and realistic as real flowers. They feel like real petals and are made to resemble as closely as possible to their natural fresh flower counterpart.

Bloom Bridal

“Furthermore, artificial flower bouquets have a wide selection of decoration accents that fresh flower florists cannot offer. From varying types of rhinestones, pearls decorating the stem to using shells, rhinestone starfish and flowers in the bouquets and lastly to using rhinestone in the centres of flowers themselves. This added bling can truly make wedding flowers stand out, and adds a touch of femininity of the bride herself. They are a practical option to situation that could become stressful. Another important fact, our flowers are never out of season!

Bloom Bridal

“Artificial flowers are known for their longevity; they never wilt or die and are very long-lasting. They can be scented upon request, but we also stock non-scented flowers, which many of our clients come to us for. There are no limits to our creations, because creativity is imagination. Artificial flowers are ever-growing and they are not restricted by colour or size. They can be dyed in many unique colours of flowers that do not grow naturally, like the colour gold.

Bloom Bridal

“They are very durable, real flower petals can easily fall off due to physical force or lack of careful maintenance. It takes a lot more than that to destroy artificial flowers, many of our quality flowers will simply “bounce back” or can be easily curved or bent back into place. We ensure all our products are secure and packaged steady during delivery, to prevent any amounts of damage. Another thing to keep in mind, artificial flowers can be moved or held as often as needed and will not fall apart.”

Judy’s top three reasons for choosing artificial flowers are:
• Allergy free: ideal for a bride who has allergies or is sensitive to scents
• The durability: they’re lightweight, easy to transport, travel friendly and not as fragile as fresh flowers
• They can become a cherished memento of your special day that will last a lifetime


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