Planning Your Wedding Flowers

Planning the perfect day


Even if you are anticipating doing the flowers yourself for your wedding, it still pays to visit a florist for some advice as to what flowers are likely to be in season, which fare better in hot or cold situations, which are likely to match your color palette etc. If you prefer to leave your flowers in the hands of a florist, then it’s never too soon to book one. Many florists only book one event in a day and so, as you can imagine, they get booked up pretty quickly, even 12 months or more in advance.


It helps before the first meeting with your florist to have looked at photos of flowers in various publications, just to get more of a feel for flowers. Take along some pictures that caught your eye. Go along with an open mind, since often you will come away having chosen something completely different to what you first had in mind. Even if you have absolutely no idea of what types of flowers you like, you will soon start to learn what you like once the florist shows you flowers and pictures of wedding displays and bouquets that they have done for other weddings.

It’s a misconception to think that you have to have organised you wedding gown or bridesmaids dresses before your first meeting, as a second meeting can be organised to iron out the details. The first meeting is more about sharing your wedding ideas, and receiving suggestions and advice from a professional.

The months leading up to your wedding is the time to become actively aware of flowers. Save photos of any particular styles that you find attractive, shapes of bouquets or just a color palette which you find pleasing to the eye. Websites, magazines, and books are a good source of information as are home and garden and wedding related media. You may have decided on a wedding theme or want to take your colors from the bridesmaids dresses. Take along your ideas, plus your own personal style to the final flower meeting. Your florist when armed with your ideas and her own portfolio and experience should be able to make choosing the flowers, a reasonably quick and painless experience.

Remember a little time and patience will make everything come together. Don’t lose your composure and get frustrated. It can seem like a daunting challenge to choose all of the items for the bridal party, wedding ceremony and reception, but once your style and feel of the flowers is determined, things will easily fall into place. Begin with the bouquets, move on to the ceremony and end up with the reception flowers.

Suggest another meeting with your florist a couple of weeks before your wedding just to check that you are still singing off the same hymn sheet and that no problems have arisen.


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