Incorporating Flowers into Your Wedding Day

Floral ideas


There’s no denying that flowers can make us feel happy and lighten our moods as well as visually enhancing our surroundings and filling the air with sweet perfumes. You might want to incorporate flowers into your wedding day in several different ways in order to pull together a theme.


Bridesmaids Dresses

If you want to embrace a floral theme for your special day then dressing your bridesmaids in light floral dresses can look very pretty. If you’re having a combination of adult bridesmaids and younger girls, then you might like to dress the youngest in pretty, full skirted dresses with plain sashes that match the color of the older bridesmaids, who are dressed in a plain color. Your wedding dress could also include some delicate flower detailing either in the form of embroidery or in the pattern of the lace.

Flowers in the Hair

Another nice idea for using flowers in your wedding is for either the bride or the bridesmaids to wear flowers in their hair. This works particularly well for an outdoor or tropical theme and is romantic too.

Wedding Stationery

Why not send out wedding stationery incorporating pressed flowers. You could have a go at making your own, but many stores stock ones ready made. The table place settings could also feature flowers to match your theme.

The Cake

Have your baker craft some gum paste flowers for your wedding cake or use fresh flowers on the top of the cake.

Wedding Favors

Give your guests a packet of wild flowers to sow in their backyards or a tree seedling to grow.

Centre Pieces

Dressing your wedding tables with fresh flowers looks wonderful and if they are lightly scented, that’s even better. Use glass vases with colored marbles in the bottom and add a few blooms to match your color theme. Your choice of flowers will naturally depend on the season.


There’s many really pretty edible flowers that your caterer should be able to include in the buffet salads or as a garnish for main courses.

Table Names

Use the names of your favorite flowers for your tables and choose them to match the season. Such as hyacinth, camellia, anemone for Spring, zinnia, delphinium or sunflower for Summer, hydrangea, dahlia and aster for Fall and amaryllis, poinsettia and jasmine for Winter.

Table Settings

If your wedding has a rose theme then why not scatter loose rose petals over the buffet table or add them to bowls of floating candles. They’re also lovely when thrown instead of confetti.


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