Ideas for Alternative Floral Arrangements

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Traditional cut flowers are wonderful to look at and make a pleasing display but they can be costly and may also trigger off a fit of the sneezes or even allergies in some cases. However there’s plenty of alternative ideas which are just as good to look at.

Paper Flowers

Paper blooms are a chic alternative to living blooms. They can be made from recycled paper in many cases and in any color and style to suit. You can scatter them across reception tables and well as displaying them in vases and pinning them to lapels. Also, because they can be made months in advance, you can do it yourself and save money.

Fruit Ddisplays

A summer wedding can be made to look wonderful with stunning creations crafted from local fruits. If you like large over the top centre pieces but are working to a tight budget then you could try hiring some really large glass vases and fill them with oranges, lemons or limes and in place of flowers use sprigs of local vegetation.


If you’re after some fragrance for your wedding then how about using potted herbs. Chic and affordable hers will fill your reception with wonderful aromas and relaxing scents. Lavender, mint, lemon grass and sage all make wonderful centre pieces or additions to the bridal bouquet.


A growing trend is use to succulents in the creation of table settings. These wonderfully shaped plants look stunning when set amongst natural rock, moss and blossoms. Because they’re so hardy, they also make great wedding favors for the guests to take home and re-pot.

Wild Flowers

Wild flowers are often overlooked in Canada because of their relatively short stems, but they can be woven into bridal bouquets and look fantastic when place in loose bunches into pretty, vintage containers. Try looking in flea markets or thrift shops for some affordable and unusual containers.

Vintage Jewels

Jewels aren’t just for wearing. Use your creative skills and make a stunning bouquet using a variety of old family heirlooms and thrift shop finds. You could also include them in your table settings, using them as a base and adding some pretty flowers or grasses to complete the look.

Button Bouquets

Buttons are another trendy way to make centre pieces and bouquets and are a real talking point. I’m sure you’ve got plenty of buttons kicking around or again you can pick them up for cents at flea markets.

Silk Flowers

Finally, for brides who want to remain fairly traditional, silk flowers are a great alternative. Modern silk flowers are so realistic that you wouldn’t even guess that they aren’t real. They can also be carried through into the corsages and boutonnières as well as for table pieces.


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