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For a bridal bouquet that is both unique and different, opt for a beautiful and sweet-smelling herbal arrangement. A homegrown, fragrant bouquet will keep your guests reminiscing and admiring for months, and for the rest of your life every time you smell the scent of each of your choices, you will be instantly transported back to the magic of your special day.

If you’ve chosen to follow our tips on making your own bridal bouquet [link to article?], herbs are really easy to play with when making the bouquet in that they don’t wilt or snap, and set off the popular flower choice of roses perfectly.

Another plus of incorporating herbs into your bouquet is that you can make your bouquet so much more personal and unique with your choice due to each herb having its own meaning/language.

Waft your way down the aisle with these symbolic herbs:

Chamomile — energy in adversity, patience, long life, wisdom

Ivy — patience, undying love, eternal life

Lily of the valley — trustworthy

Myrtle — hope and love — the royal herb that has featured in royal bridal bouquets dating back to Queen Victoria’s wedding in 1840, who planted a sprig of Myrtle from her wedding bouquet in her private garden — and it’s still growing there today!

Rosemary — remembrance, loyalty and fidelity

Sage — wisdom, long life and immortality

Thyme — bravery, courage and strength

Not only are herbs good at filling out foliage, they smell fantastic and often have pretty flowers too. You can opt for a full bouquet of herbs or just add a few amongst your chosen flowers.

Herbs are also perfect if you’re going for that British country garden style feel, bouquets of fresh herbs for the bride and her bridesmaids will have that perfect, freshly-picked look.


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