Bridal Bouquets to Suit Your Body Type

Flowers that flatter


It may not be your first thought to consider your body-type and your wedding gown when choosing the type of bridal bouquet that you will wear. However, why not make the most of your figure and your wedding dress by choosing the perfect bouquet to complement them.


A presentation bouquet is made up of long stemmed flowers and lies across the arms as you walk down the aisle.

Presentation Bouquet with A-line Dress

Flattering for Pear Shapes

This style of bouquet is perfect for a pear-shaped figure. When held across the arms it draws the eye upwards to your defined waist.

Wear with an A-line Dress

If you have chosen an a-line wedding gown then the length of this bouquet style will balance out a full skirt perfectly.


A teardrop bouquet is a longer style bouquet with long trailing flowers and greenery.

Teardrop Bouquet with a Fishtail Dress

Flattering for Hourglass Figures

If you have a curvy hourglass figure then a statement teardrop bouquet will elongate your shape as well as complement your classic figure.

Wear with a Fishtail Dress

The classic teardrop bouquet works perfectly when worn with a classic dress style. A fishtail shape gown will complement the curved shape of the teardrop bouquet perfectly and pull together a really timeless look.


An ever popular style with brides, a posy bouquet is a classic round shape tied at the stems.

Posy Bouquet with an Empire line Dress

Flattering for Apple Shapes

The neat posy bouquet works beautifully for apple-shaped brides. The rounded style can be held just below the bust line, drawing the eye away from the stomach area and up to the smallest part of your body.

Wear with an Empire Line Dress

As the neat posy bouquet is held just below the bust-line — or ‘empire-line’ — it works beautifully with an empire style gown. This dreamy style of wedding dress looks pretty and delicate with this neat style of bouquet.


This elegant bouquet style has a half moon shape made up of small and delicate flowers.

Crescent Bouquet with a shorter Dress

Flattering for Petite Figures

This quirky choice of bridal bouquet is traditionally filled with smaller blooms such as roses and tulips. The small half crescent shape makes it a great style for petite brides to stop them feeling swamped by their wedding flowers.

Wear with a Short Gown

This unusual type of bouquet will work perfectly with an usual type of bridal gown. A stylish shorter wedding gown requires a neat bouquet that doesn’t take over the dress.


Rustic bouquets use a mix of different flowers, hands tied at different lengths.

Rustic Bouquet with a mermaid Dress

Flattering for Boyish Figures

Eclectic rustic bouquets have a relaxed shape with an element of feeling ‘un-done’, this style is perfect for softening a boyish frame and creating a soft feminine feel.

Wear with a Mermaid Style Dress

The contrast of an un-done rustic bouquet with the flowing silhouette of a mermaid gown will look stunning. This stylish bridal gown shape combined with a rustic wedding bouquet is perfect for an ultra-stylish wedding day.


Smaller than a posy, a nosegay bouquet traditionally has a mix of flowers and is hand-tied with ribbon.

Nosegay Bouquet with a Columnn Dress

Flattering for Tall Brides

The neat nosegay bouquet is perfect for taller brides. Rather than a long stemmed bouquet that elongates the figure, a pretty nosegay style draws the eye in to a central point.

Wear with a Column Dress

A nosegay bouquet works beautifully with a flowing column style wedding dress, the contrast of the sweeping and simple dress style works perfectly with the round style of the bouquet.


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