The Importance of Wedding Entertainment

Settiing the tone of your big day


Your choice of music for your wedding is what can really make or break your wedding, Sure most people admire the wedding dress, enjoy looking at the cake, and naturally enjoying drinking and eating with friends and family and catching up with relations whom they may not have seen in years, but ultimately the music is the thing they will remember the most, especially if it is bad.


The music sets the tone of the occasion and also says a lot about the couple. Guests will vividly remember the bride’s best friend for example, singing a romantic ballad during the wedding ceremony and having a pianist tinkling on the keys whilst canapés and glasses of champagne are being handed around and this will have an effect on the vibe of the reception. Also the choice of DJ or band will influence how many people get up on to the dance floor, depending on the type of music the bridal couple and the guests are into.

Of all the preparations for the big day, rehearsing the wedding entertainment is not an option. Dresses can be tried on, speeches practised in front of friends, and cakes and catering sampled, but when it comes to the music, things are somewhat different. A couple is reliant on the act turning up, the equipment working and more importantly, everyone enjoying the music. So how can couples be sure that their choice of music will make their wedding go with a bang?

One of the easiest ways to get people immersed in the wedding and reliving their youth or imagining themselves on a tropical island, is by choosing music appropriate to a wedding’s theme. If you’re having a Caribbean style wedding, for example, then a steel band would be the obvious choice. If you’re having a more formal and elegant wedding, then an orchestra would create more of a fairytale setting.

The first dance that the married couple do to celebrate their union of love, is on of the most eagerly anticipated dances of the evening, so you need to ensure that your choice of band can play your special song to your liking and that your DJ has the original record to which you both fell in love, in his collection.

So before you jump in feet first and hire the first DJ or get talked into letting a friend’s band play for the evening, think deeply about what you want your music to say about you both as a couple, and whether your guests will enjoy your choice.


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