Keeping Children Amused During Your Wedding

Child-friendly entertainment


It’s widely agreed that all brides want their wedding day to be perfect — no rain and no interruptions. However if you have decided to invite children to your wedding, it may be worth remembering that even the most perfectly behaved can end up being disruptive and irritable if they get tired.


Now you may love children – some say that they’re part of the happiness and fun at a wedding, but what you won’t love is if they start acting up and ruining your day. Here are some suggestions to prevent the little ones turning into screaming, messy nightmares should boredom strike.

Give children a role in the wedding, you could have the more traditional roles of flowers girls and a ring bearer or you could give the older children disposable cameras so they can act as the ‘family photographers’ for the day, the younger children could be confetti throwers, or could help pass around snacks/favors.

Giving the little ones any role in the wedding, or even the preparations will boost their confidence, will make them feel important and will put a smile on the faces of your guests when they see how sweet they look in their wedding attire.

Hand out child friendly favors before the ceremony — it could be a little toy or puzzle, or a little snack such as sweets or a little packet of raisins.

Ask the photographer to take a photo of all the children with the bride and groom — this will make the children feel important and more involved.

On each guest table provide a small box of crayons and coloring book or small bag of toys to keep them amused during the speeches.

Create a child friendly area — if you have a larger venue see if there is a spare room that can be a playroom for the children where they can play and watch DVDs. If not, set up a children’s table at the back of the reception with toys and an easel so they can do some art throughout the day — they may even provide you with some sentimental pictures from your day!

Hire a bouncy castle for the day if you can afford it, if not and you have a lot of children and outdoor space, they could take part in kite flying or you could create a treasure hunt with the help of an usher or willing volunteer. If you don’t have outdoor space, provide a Piñata for the children to play with inside.


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