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There’s definitely nothing like a live band to awake the crowd and get them in the mood for a spot of grooving and when it comes to your wedding, the choice of band can either make or break the day. So just how do you find and hire the band that is right for your special day?

Themed Concept

Whilst most bands can play a variety of music they tend to have their special sound which is unique to them and doesn’t necessarily work if they are asked to play a diverse range of songs. A great idea is to theme your wedding and choose your band to suit that. For example, if you’re an 80’s person and want a trip down memory lane, then hiring a tribute band to the 80’s would be the way to go. Alternatively, if you’re having a Caribbean beach styled wedding then organise a Steel Band.


You don’t necessarily have to pay over the odds to get the best performance. In today’s world there is a great deal of competition amongst bands and so many offer quality sound at a reasonable price. To make things easy some online agencies even categorise their bands within various price groups so that you can immediately have a starting point. At the end of the day you just have to be patient and be prepared to search.


Whilst personal recommendations are always handy, don’t let them alone influence your decision, after all the proof of the pudding is in the tasting, and you need to see the band in action for yourself. Watch a live performance or ask if they have a video that you can view of their live performances. You need to be assured that they are as good as their reputation.

Make Sure They are ‘Live’

This might seem rather obvious but most people’s idea of a live band would be a live drummer, a live guitarist, a real bass player etc. all playing together as professionals who have honed their skills. A singer performing to a backing track is not a live band, so just make sure when you are comparing your prices, on what exactly you are getting for your money.

Think About Your Guests

Finally, as much as you might love heavy metal, it might not be your Grandma’s favourite. So try and choose a band who you think will appeal to your guests. I know it is your big day, but you want your wedding to be memorable and enjoyed by everyone, right.


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