Band or DJ for Your Wedding

Pros and cons


Having the right music playing at your wedding reception is vital if people are going to enjoy themselves and have fun, but how can you decide whether to choose a band or a DJ. Here are some pros and cons of each which might help in your decision.

Live Band Pros

  • There’s nothing better than live music to get people in the mood and raring to get on the dance floor
  • The quality of sound is far better than that of a DJ
  • A specific type of band can complete a wedding theme, for example a 1950’s theme and a rock and roll band
  • A band can easily change the tempo whether it be for some fancy dance moves or to accommodate flagging dancers

Live Band Cons

  • A live band can make a huge dent in your budget since they can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $20,000 or more
  • Some bands literally only have one sound and can find it difficult to change styles. Therefore you might end up with music that is too classical or too jazzy and worse of all, they may not be able to play your special song all that well either
  • Bands can be very loud and if you’ve got a small venue they could be overpowering
  • The band will need to take breaks and will then put on a CD which might just deaden the atmosphere

DJ Pros

  • DJ’s have huge collections of song, often running into the thousands, and as a result will have music to suit all generations and tastes
  • The DJ will be able to quickly change styles to suit say the cutting of the cake ceremony or simply play some suitable music background music during the toasting
  • The DJ will be able to play your special song for your first dance by the original artist as opposed to a poor imitation from a band
  • There needn’t be any breaks of music with a DJ

DJ Cons

  • You could get a DJ who is a bit bored and simply going through the motions. He could end up cracking terrible jokes to try and liven things up and at worst, he could muddle up people’s names or even introduce people who aren’t actually there. Make sure when you meet the DJ that he sounds enthusiastic and talks about what he can do for you.
  • Before reaching your decision try and see both the band and DJ in action somewhere. Try and watch from behind the scenes to see how they operate. Remember the DJ often finds himself in the role of MC so he needs to be likeable, polished, and entertaining, not annoying.


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