Alternative Entertainment for Your Reception

Entertain your guests


As much as weddings are full of romance and an opportunity for families to get together, the traditional clichéd reception of wedding breakfast following by dancing, can be a little unimaginative, so why not set your wedding apart with having some other form of entertainment.


Here are a few ideas, some of which could be used before and even during the dancing.


I’m not talking about a magician on stage who pulls a rabbit out of his hat, but more a magician who mingles discreetly amongst your guests wowing them with close up tricks, think Murray Hatfield.

Celebrity Lookalike

How about hiring a celebrity look alike who can mingle amongst the guests and also offers some great photographic opportunities for the wedding. Imagine boasting that Bryan Adams was at your wedding or Shania Twain.


Another fun idea is to have a caricaturist draw some sketches of your guests and have them displayed on a board in the reception room.


How about setting up a Wii with a giant screen and then inviting your guests to come up and take part in say doing the Hoola Hoop or downwhill ski-ing. Now that could be a hoot!

Fun Casino

What about setting up a fun casino for your guests. Currency could be in the form of wedding favors, you could always get your photos printed on to imitation bank notes. With no real money changing hands, it would be good fun.

Photo Booth

Another popular form of entertainment being offered at weddings is setting up a photo booth complete with silly props like hats, wigs, false moustaches, you get the picture. Guests get into a pose, the picture is show and then projected on a large screen for all to see.

Cocktail Pianist

Have you ever heard songs by modern groups like Snow Patrol, Arctic Monkeys or the Killers played on piano. Or how about jazz standards like Unforgettable or Blue Moon? You could hire a pianist to play whilst canapés and cocktails are being served.

Bouncy Castle

To keep the children amused (and the adults who are kids at heart) what about hiring a giant adult bouncy castle.

String Quartet

Finally, how about a string quartet playing you down the aisle or during the reception. Most quartets have a wide repertoire and really take your wedding to a new level.


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