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Alternative Ideas


Tradition used to dictate that wedding couples held a three course sit down wedding breakfast but times have moved on and there are several alternative ideas to the sit down meal.

One very popular trend has been for couples to get married early in the morning and serve a breakfast brunch. This conjures up some fantastic ideas, whether it be for an outdoor wedding or an indoor one. Generally brunches are held between 11am and pm and this allows for the couple to go straight off to their honeymoon, if they so wish. It’s also a great idea if you’re on a budget, since venues often charge less for the early morning slot than they do later in the day.

Just imagine what fun a beach wedding would be if the guests were to receive small picnic boxes crammed with delicious finger food, washed down with large bellinis or mimosas. A quirky touch would be for the bread rolls to be carved with the couple’s initials.

Or how about a wedding brunch served indoors which consists of various food stations. I’m thinking omelet, waffle and French toast stations, all with different sauces and toppings. Or if you prefer something a little more refined then the guests could be served fruit juices and coffee, together with some pastries and then, once they’re rubbed the sleep from their bleary eyes, they could sit down to something a littler more substantial, say eggs baked in ham cups, waffles with salsa, crab cake benedict and blinis topped with fresh salmon. You could include a wedding cake, but serve a light fruit cake or a sponge.

If you’re not a morning person then you could hold a late afternoon reception and if you’re holding it outdoors, how about an informal backyard barbecue. I’m thinking of roasted pulled pork sandwiches, gourmet hamburgers and hot dogs with lots of toppings. To follow, you could have something crazy like a popcorn machine or even a candy buffet. The focus is on having fun and keeping it relaxed.

Finally, if you’re on a budget, how about a buffet styled wedding breakfast where family and even guests, bring along a dish each to place on the buffet table. Ask each guest to bring along their signature dish and see what you end up with!

Don’t worry if your ideas raise a few eyebrows at the end of the day it’s your wedding and it's about injecting your personalities into the occasion.


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