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When it comes to choosing ideas for your wedding, the more creative you get the more the costs can begin to mount up! A great way to make the most of your budget is to hire instead of buy, after all do you really need 12 identical glass vases after your wedding? We spoke to Tasha Ulrich from A Bride’s Day Off and Expressive Events Decor as she shares some of their top tips for hiring your decor at your wedding...

Tell us a bit about A Bride’s Day Off

A Bride’s Day Off Inc. started out in 1995 as a full decorating service. We wanted to allow brides who have worked so hard planning their wedding to truly relax and enjoy their day while we create the magic for them to celebrate their love in. Offering everything the bride could possibly need for her big day all under one roof makes shopping easy and following up even easier as it is just one phone call.

Something Borrowed - Expressive Events and Decor

A Bride’s Day Off Inc. is headed by Tasha Ulrich (lead Designer and Owner) and has a multitude of other very talented team members in floral design, textiles, sculpting, lighting and prop design. We really can make any dream a reality and if there is something out of our element we will call in an expert to assist us.

How do you go about working with engaged couples to create their special day?

When we meet our clients we ask them to bring along anything that will help us see their vision. It may be color swatches, pictures, etc. but it certainly helps us to narrow down what we are going to show them during our consultation. When our couple commits to working with us we will meet to discuss the details. It may include meetings with our floral designers, myself and our lighting tech depending on their needs. Seeing is believing and to help our couple understand that we have captured their vision we will do a mock up using the linens they have chosen, chair covers, and the centerpiece. This really gives them “PEACE” of mind. They have a bit of a visual of what their day will look like.

We always make ourselves very approachable to be able to answer questions, calm nerves and give advice about weddings. We know this is generally their first time planning a wedding and we have so much experience to offer.

Something Borrowed - Expressive Events and Decor

Pinterest, Instagram and other social media play a big role in brides planning their special day, do you find brides come to you with lots of ideas from social media sites?

Pinterest is perhaps the number one place our brides are visiting for ideas. It is great for the bride to be able to show pictures of designs they like to help us start to visualize what they want but I do like my brides to think outside of the box. Even if they are really set on a certain look I like them to put a twist on it to make it their own. No one wants a wedding that everyone has already seen. I love to help them find the details that make the design their own.

The downside of the social media is that it is “IDEA OVERLOAD” and sometimes brides have a hard time settling on an idea and they become overwhelmed at all the ideas and choosing just a few is too difficult. I find it can cause a lot of stress and they often doubt there decisions if they keep looking at all the pictures online. That is just another reason why we do a mock up so they can take away a picture of what they love so they can build on their own ideas.

What wedding trends and styles have been popular in 2014?

We are seeing lots of sparkles and bling — simplistic though not over the top bling — touches of crystal, sequin or rhinestone in just a few key places to add wow factor. We are also seeing a more form fitted, clean line look. Lots of square vases, spandex chair covers, and either non-traditional head tables (Large rectangle where bridal party sits in center of room around entire table) or very elaborate traditional head tables with larger backdrops or hanging décor over them. Lighting is HUGE, finally brides are understanding that lighting creates an ambiance that cannot be created any other way. We are seeing more lighting effects being used in which lighting changes subtly throughout the evening.

What wedding trends do you predict will be popular in 2015?

I think we will see a continuation of the lighting and clean lines. I also am seeing a higher number of brides spending on larger flower centerpieces for next year. Of the weddings already booked for next year we are seeing lighting and flowers as the most popular. Brides are bringing me pictures of weddings that have great uses of color in lighting and flowers. Colors incorporated in flowers and keeping other décor more neutral seems to be popular too.

How can brides get in touch with you?

Brides and grooms can get in touch through our website:
by email or
or by phone 403-295-3030.


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