Ensuring Things Run Smoothly

Planning for your big day


There’s no reason why but everything seems to take longer to do on your wedding day and if you start of running late then this has a knock on effect on everything, throwing your wedding into chaos. Stay on time and you’ll feel relaxed instead of stressed and everything should run like clockwork.

Wedding Planner

If your budget allows, then it’s a good idea to pay for the services of a wedding planner. It’s their job to make sure that all the details are taken care of and that everyone knows what they should be doing, where they should be doing it, and when they should be doing it. If you can’t stretch to a planner then here’s a few tips to help you.

Make a Time Table

Write yourself a brief timetable with the timings for your hair, make up, breakfast and the latest possible time to get dressed. It’s also helpful to jot down the names and contact numbers of your suppliers so anybody can get in touch with them if there’s a couple of last minute hitches. Keep your family and bridal party on track by making a schedule and then emailing it to each one of them, highlighting the parts that concern them.


When you send out your invitations be sure to include directions or the web address of the venue so that guests don’t have to call if they get lost.

Contact Your Suppliers

During the couple of weeks leading up to your wedding check base with all of your suppliers just to make sure that everything is on track and that there will no unpleasant surprises on the day.

Emergency Bag

Make a list of all the possible things you might need during the day including some Anacin tablets for headaches, dress stain remover (pack some chalk), tooth picks, spare lipstick, etc. and give it all to your chief bridesmaid to look after.

A Dresser

Appoint someone to help you into your dress especially if it’s one with corset styled lacing at the back. Make sure you’ve had a practice run beforehand.

Keep the Children Occupied

It’s easy for children to get bored so hire a child sitter and set up a crèche for them with plenty of puzzles, paper and crayons to keep them amused. It can also be somewhere for mums to safely leave a sleeping baby.

Prepare For All Weather

Don’t forget to arm yourself with a pretty umbrella (should it rain) or parasol (should it be too hot) for getting in and out of the car.

Time With Your Other Half

Finally, don’t forget to take time out with your new husband. Just a few minutes alone together outside of the reception to draw breath and give each other a quick hug before facing all your guests once more.


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