Civil Ceremony or a Religious Ceremony?

Deciding on your perfect ceremony


One of the most important decisions facing any couple is whether to have a civil or religious wedding ceremony. For some couples it isn’t a problem since they are both active church goers and wouldn’t consider anything but a religious ceremony. Other couples may feel the complete opposite. They have no religious affiliation and will definitely choose a civil ceremony. However, many couples are caught up in the middle, hovering between religious because it’s traditional and civil because they rarely make an appearance in church.


A civil ceremony may be the easiest, and sometimes the only, solution if both couples are of a different religion or if they are getting married abroad. Sometimes a couple may should a religious ceremony because of peer pressure and because of tradition. It’s also often the choice for couples getting married a second time or couples who just want to get married quickly.

When weighed one against the other the pros of a civil ceremony would be:

Less Expensive

Fees for a civil ceremony are relatively low all over the world

Relaxed Dress Code

A civil ceremony doesn’t call for a long white dress and a tuxedo, instead you can wear informal clothes of your choice, especially if you’re getting married on a beach where it could be a simple sundress for the bride and shorts for the groom.

A Shorter Ceremony

A civil ceremony is normally much shorter which can be an advantage if there are young children present.

No Marriage Courses and Rehearsals

Civil ceremonies don’t require any dress rehearsals, you simply turn up on the day.

More Relaxed Atmosphere

The atmosphere is more relaxing as churches can make you feel a little on edge if you’re not used to visiting them all that frequently.

More Flexibility with Regards to Where You Can Get Married

There’s no end of places that you can hold a civil ceremony including parks and gardens, hotels, beaches, historical buildings, lighthouses, yachts, the list is endless.

The pros of a religious ceremony would be:

Staying True to Tradition

There is nothing more traditional and likely to bring a tear to the eye than a church wedding

More of a Wow Factor

A gorgeous bridal dress with cute bridesmaids is definitely a crowd pleaser

More Guests May be Able to be Present

A church may be able to hold more guests to watch you getting married than your choice of civil venue.

Longer Service

The service is longer and to some seems more meaningful. Some couples complain that civil weddings are too rushed and impersonal.

Church Setting

An ornate church setting is absolutely breathtaking and looks fantastic in the wedding photos.


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