10 Questions to Ask When Viewing a Venue

Ask the right questions


It’s easy to fall in love with a venue without asking specific questions only to find later that you are restricted to what you can do and have for your wedding. With this in mind here are 10 questions which you should be asking.

1. Size

Can the venue accommodate the number of guests and the size of the wedding you are planning and is it possible to have the ceremony held at the venue too? If so, where will it be held and how much will it cost to set up the ceremony seating

2. Exclusivity

Are there any other weddings or events booked for the same day?

3. Accommodation

Is there a room available for the bride to use during the reception, either to freshen up in or to change? Does the venue has overnight accommodation for out of town guests, or if it’s a hotel can you have a discount for a block booking?

4. Duration

How many hours will the venue allocate for your wedding. Most receptions last between 5-7 hours whereas some venues only give you 4 hours and then charge for extra hours (sometimes as much as $500 an hour).

5. Price

What is the total rental fee and what does that include? How much deposit is required and when does the balance need paying? Does the venue offer any special wedding packages? Some packages include flowers, food, cake and even a limo, so it could save you some money, although it may limit your choices.

6. Additional charges

If it’s a historic venue, will there be a charge for renting tables and chairs? Are linens and tableware provided? How about the cake cutting, is there a charge for this service. If bringing our own wine, is there a corking fee?

7. Catering

If the venue is a hotel, can you sample the food and make menu changes? If the venue warrants an outside caterer, can you choose anyone or is there an approved list?

8. Alcohol

Do we need to bring our own alcohol and set up a bar or is that provided by the venue? Do you supply bar staff or do we need to find our own? Are there any restrictions on the type of alcohol to be served? Is it necessary to have a cash bar or can an open bar be put into place? What amount of liability insurance do they have and does it cover the size of our wedding?

9. Space/Parking

Is the dance hall large enough for the amount of guests and is there ample room for the DJ or band to set up? Is car parking available and do they know of any festivals or events which could make parking difficult on the day?

10. Wedding Co-ordinator

Is there a wedding co-ordinator on the staff who can help to ensure the smooth running of the reception


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