How to Transport Your Cake to the Wedding

Getting your cake safely to the venue


If you are transporting the cake from the baker to the venue don’t get too stressed, if you follow the these simple guidelines.


Firstly, you need to make sure that the base the cake is on is quite thick. If the base is heavy then you need to give it more support by placing it on plywood or fiberboard that is 1/2 inches thick.

If your cake is going to be supported by pillars then you definitely need to transport it unassembled as turns in a car will play havoc with the pillar positioning. In addition any toppers or external decorations need to be transported separately.

If you cake is stacked then it is possible to transport it assembled, although if it has 4 or 5 tiers, you might want to move a couple of tiers individually. If your cake is a mixture of both pillar tiers and stacked tiers then you can move the stacked tiers together and the other tiers separately. This keeps them clean and less prone to damage.

There are a few ways in which you can store the cakes for transport. Small cakes may sit in a pan to keep them level. If there are any tiers that you can’t put in a box due to the height of the decorations then you can sit them individually on large sections of foam. Position the foam on the floor of the car and sit the tier smack bang in the middle. You can use sturdy cake boxes but make sure they are the same size as the board on which the cake is sitting, so that the cake doesn’t slide around and get damaged. If the box doesn’t seem strong enough, tape a couple together and reinforce the bottom with masking tape. Again, if you have high decorations, lift up the sides of the boxes and secure with masking tape.

Never transport a cake on the back seat of your car. It needs a completely flat surface and also one that is non stick so that the cakes don’t shift during transportation. You can use a non slip mat or even a towel for this purpose.

Never place a boxed cake in the trunk of your car during hot weather since the icing will start to melt. They must be in the air conditioning.

Call the reception venue in advance and ask if they can provide you with a rolling car to move the cake from the car to the reception hall. Assemble the cake on the table where it is going to stand, so that you don’t have to move it again.

Always bring an emergency repair kit with you just in case some damage occurs during transit. Bring an icing bag, some icing, extra decorations, a spatula, any anything else that you might need.


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