Cupcakes or a Traditional Wedding Cake?

What's your choice?


Replacing the traditional wedding cake with cupcakes has become a fast growing trend in Canada and many couples are making this choice because they think it’s cheaper, but it may not be quite as cheap as you think. Here’s some pros and cons to help you decide which is the best style for your wedding.



When the craze first started couples were choosing cupcakes because they thought that spending a buck or two on a cupcake was more cost effective than $4 or $5 on a slice of wedding cake. However, savvy bakers soon realised that it took possibly more time to cook and decorate individual cakes, especially if several flavors and fillings were involved, than it did to make a traditional cake and so the price got hiked up. However, if you’re considering making your own cake, cupcakes are way easier to decorate and assemble than a formal three or four tiered wedding cake would be.


Cupcakes add a certain whimsical and childlike feel to a wedding and are great fun. Everybody enjoys the moment of unwrapping their very own cupcake. However, this is what people either love or hate about wedding cupcakes. Are they familiar and fun or unsophisticated and too casual. If you’re holding a formal wedding then any rather staid relatives may think the cupcakes are inappropriate or, at worse cheap. If, on the other hand, your focus is on a fun, informal reception then guests can just grab themselves a cupcake, without the need to sit down for dessert, and if they’re on the dance floor can even keep on groovin’.


Wedding cakes have been traditional for well over a 100 years and you may feel loathe to part with that tradition. There’s no room for a wedding topper with cupcakes and the cake cutting ceremony would look a little daft with the couple cutting into a 3” wide cupcake! However, couples are getting round this latter problem by having a 6” wedding cake which sits on top of the cupcake tower. This can be used for the cutting ceremony and photographs and then frozen and brought out again for the first anniversary.


When it comes to flavors and decoration, cupcakes come into their own. You can really go to town with different flavours and icings, as well as incorporating your wedding theme into the design.

Making Your Own

If you are considering making your own cupcakes as a means of saving money, do your sums carefully. By the time you’ve taken into account cake liners, decorations, rental or purchase of a cupcake stand, then you may not have saved much. Add to the fact that it’s just one more thing to add your list of ‘to do and organise’ and you might begin to feel the stress just that little bit more.


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