Ways to Buy Your Perfect Wedding Gown on a Budget

Finding your perfect dress


The wedding gown is one of the major purchases for your wedding and many brides have a pre-conceived idea of what they would like their dress to look like, only to end up disappointed and having to settle for second best because their fairy tale wedding gown is way out of their budget. However, don’t despair there are a few options available which could land you the dress you’ve been dreaming about.


Buy a Basic Dress and Have it Altered

One way to keep costs down and end up with a unique dress that is like no other is to buy a basic wedding gown from a store and have a dressmaker alter it. The main criteria here is to select a fairly plain dress in a style that you like, whether it be a Princess Line, Full Skirt (sometimes referred to as fairytale dress), Column Dress, or an Empire Line. Plain dresses with little detail are always much cheaper than more ornate dresses, and you could pick one up for under $100. Don’t worry too much about the fit at this stage as a dressmaker will be able to fit it to you. She should also be able to customise the dress to your exact requirements by adding a lace overlay perhaps or some fine embroidery and sequins, or maybe adding a fancy train.

Look Out for Clearance Sales

Another option is to look in the stores and online for clearance sales. You might just be lucky enough to pick up your dream dress at a fraction of the price.


Why not consider hiring your wedding dress from a store or even online? Stores offer a great range of pre used dresses in a wide variety of styles. They also do a package whereby the accessories are hired as well since they figure that if you’re not going to be keeping the dress what’s the point of spending lots of dollars on accessories. On average a veil, tiara, crinoline and jewellery costs around $500 but they do the package for just $100, saving you $400 on that part of your wedding outfit alone. If you’re going down this route you will have to start looking early and ensure that the dress you want is available for your wedding date and then you will have a contract to sign.

Second Hand/Vintage

Finally, there’s always the option of buying a second hand dress, either from an advertisement in a paper or even online, or by bidding for a dress. Once again a dressmaker could make any alterations for you.


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