Tips to Keep the Cost of Your Reception Down

Planning your budget


You may be wondering where you can make savings in your wedding plans to keep within your budget. With a little creativity and perhaps calling in favours from friends, you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to still have a fantastic wedding without starting your married life heavily in debt.


Here are a few tips you might like to consider:

Choose to Have Your Wedding Out of Season

Obviously this tip is only for if you are still at the planning stage and haven’t booked a date yet. Consider having your wedding on a week day or in the out of season months such as Fall or Winter. You’ll be amazed at how much lower the prices for venues are.

Cut Down on the Guest List

Each person that you ask on your list costs you money, so try and cut down your list. If you haven’t spoken to a person, such as a distant cousin, in the past five years then why bother inviting them. Again, don’t feel obliged to ask everyone from your workplace.

Keep it Close to Home

Parks and friend’s backyards cost a lot less than hiring an expensive venue. So if it’s a summer wedding then why not keep things outdoors.

Cut Back on the Menu

Rather than have a three course wedding breakfast, consider serving some filling appetizers followed by dessert and coffee. Or opt for a buffet instead.

Bring Your Own Wine

Consider asking the venue if you can bring your own wine. They will charge corkage but it’s a lot less than paying over the odds for their wine. You could also enquire whether you can bring along your own bartender too.

Hire a DJ Instead of a Band

You may like the thought of a live band playing throughout the reception but it can be very expensive. If you have friends who are talented musicians then why not ask one of them to play the guitar or keyboard, whilst you and your guests have a signature cocktail before reverting to a DJ for the dancing.

Make Your Own Wedding Favors

If you’re good at baking then perhaps you could make some inexpensive cookie favors and wrap them in some pretty voile or organza.

At the end of the day it’s all about compromise. Decide what you want to spend your money on and cut back in other areas. If you’re determined to have that designer dress then choose cup cakes instead of a 4 tier cake.


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