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When you walk into any Maison Birks store you just get that exciting feeling that you can only get by being surrounded by diamonds! We were recently lucky enough to catch up with some of the team at Birks and learn a lot more about the brand, their diamonds and their gorgeous collections.

Maison Birks Engagement Rings

Why choose Birks?

The Birks brand is synonymous with quality and luxury — you not only get a complete full service with Birks but you also get great aftercare — something that is so important when making a big purchase like an engagement ring. Providing you have your ring setting checked by Birks every sixth months, they promise to replace any diamonds you lose in your ring if it is down to a manufacturing fault. You also get great upgrade options — if you know you are quite sentimental but would also like a bigger diamond one day, you can upgrade the stone in your original ring and Birks will buy back your original diamond at the price you paid.

Maison Birks Engagement Rings

What about the diamonds?

There is something extra special about buying a Birks Diamond — their diamonds are sourced from Canada and each and every diamond is scrutinised by their gemmologists to ensure only stones of the highest quality make it through to their stores.

The ethical implications behind diamond buying are something a lot of brides are much more conscious of in recent years. Brides and grooms can feel safe in the knowledge that all Birks Canadian Diamonds adhere to the Kimberly Process — an international certification serving to ensure that diamonds are conflict-free.

Maison Birks Engagement Rings

Do engagement rings have wedding bands to match?

Whether you want a plain band or something with some added sparkle, each engagement ring can be well matched to a number of Birks wedding rings. With white gold, yellow gold, rose gold and platinum to choose from, you will find a wedding band that perfectly suits your engagement ring.

Maison Birks Engagement Rings

Is there a bespoke service?

Yes! If you can’t find the right ring for you then you can create your own custom-made ring with all the aspects you love. Make small tweaks to existing designs or go in with an idea from scratch and you can have your ring created for you.

Maison Birks Engagement Rings

What about the groom?

If you love the idea of the bride’s ring featuring Canadian diamonds then you will love the selection of groom’s rings — keep things local and choose from their Canadian gold rings — they even feature a tiny maple leaf etched to the inside of the ring! Or browse lots of other rings in various colors, materials and finishes.

How to get in touch...

Visit the Maison Birks website to find your local store.


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