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Pure Magnolia

If you want to really stand out from the crowd then consider having a bespoke wedding dress that has been created especially for you. We spoke to Patty from Pure Magnolia who creates stunning bespoke wedding gowns and she shares her insight on how the bespoke designing process works for each of her brides and how it could work for you, as well as sharing her current collection.

Tell us a bit about Pure Magnolia and how it began

Pure Magnolia started in my final year of my degree in fashion when, for a project, we needed to pick an underserviced niche market to create a clothing line and business plan for. I picked eco bridal and just fell in love. I started making dresses, used my business plan to launch the line and it just took off from there.

Pure Magnolia

Your current range includes three collections — Classic, Modular and Vintage — how does each collection differ in style?

I try to make each dress unique and different. I find that the three collections represent the inspiration for each dress. The classic collection is made up of timeless pieces, some of which I have had in the collection since I started. They just keep selling and every couple years I can update the style slightly to keep it in the current trends.

The vintage collection is made up of dresses that were usually inspired by the vintage wedding dresses that I collect and recycle. Many of these dresses have amazing details that you just don’t see in modern wedding dresses, but bringing those details in can make a dress really stand out in a sea of white dresses.

The modular collection is for my functional brides, the ones who come in wanting a short dress because they want to be able to move around or have a smaller budget, but they can have the long dress too! A short dress with a long skirt can create perfect balance for those functional brides.

Pure Magnolia

You also offer a bespoke service, what process can brides expect if they want to commission a bespoke wedding gown?

First I meet with the bride, we make sure they try on a few dresses just to get ideas on shape and fabrics then we start sketching up their dream dress. We pull out fabrics and laces and make a big mess! Usually we pull in a dress form or two to drape the fabric over so they can visualize the dress a little better, although if you are a person who can’t visualize, I don’t suggest going custom. The dress itself comes together piece by piece and the bride gets to be a part of the whole process. It is really fun and can be very special for a bride.

What inspires you and your designs?

I try to be inspired by everything. My brides often inspire new dresses, along with the vintage dresses I collect. Of course things like pinterest and blogs are a great way of marking trends in the market and finding new interesting details.

What are your top tips for brides as they begin shopping for their wedding dress?

Don’t make wedding dress shopping hard. It shouldn’t be. Do some research, find places that have dresses that you like in the budget that you want to spend. Don’t try on dresses that are more than you can afford. Plan on going to two or three shops at the most, if you find your dress at the first shop then don’t worry about the other appointments, you already found your dress! Many of my brides leave saying “that was easy”, that is just the way you should feel wherever you buy your dress.

Pure Magnolia

What 2015 wedding dress trends do you predict?

Slim silhouettes, light weight fabrics, more texture and definition in lace and details.

You are based in Vancouver, are your collections stocked throughout Canada?

Yes you can see our dresses in Victoria, Regina, and Ottawa at the moment with more stores coming in the spring. We are also opening a pop up shop in Vancouver for January and February and we are very excited to have a huge amount of off the rack dresses. Brides can also shop online if they can’t get into one of our shops.

How can brides get in touch with you?

To get in touch you can email, call 778 552 6174 or visit the Etsy shop PureMagnoliaCouture, or any of our social media accounts.


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