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There are so many choices and ideas when it comes to how to have your hair on your wedding day, it can get tricky. From simple bands to crystal pins, your hair accessory can become as much a part of your overall wedding look as your hairstyle itself. If you’d rather go for a simple up or down hairdo, why not add an accessory to add a bit of style, sparkle and shine?


Flowers can be worn in a number of ways to liven up any up or down style. You could pin a larger-sized flower behind your ear for a more exotic/Latin look, pin flowers at the back - crowning a bun or ponytail, or why not add a touch of Boho to gorgeous wavy hair by creating a delicate floral wreath. The wreath would set off a veil nicely and give you a beautiful soft look.



From black to burgundy, to turquoise to gold, feather fascinators are available in every color so are easy to fit in with your wedding color theme should you opt for feather hair accessories. Feathers can be subtle and will work with almost any gown and hairstyle. They can add either a classic or vintage, retro feel to your look.


Tiaras can add a really elegant touch of sparkle to your hair on your big day. There are various styles from modern vintage to classical or vintage in silver, gold, pearl, diamanté or crystal.


Hair combs/pins

Hair combs tend to be inspired by past eras for a more vintage look and can really add a bold statement to your wedding style. You could go for anything from pearl hair pins to vintage diamanté pins for a more retro/flapper essence, or crystal or silk flower hairpins. If your wedding has a specific theme, there are various shapes available to meet your theme (e.g. a starfish hairpin for a destination/beach wedding).

Hair bands

For the bride who wants to add a delicate touch but has long locks to keep in place, the headband is the perfect choice for your hair accessory. You can get embellished, sparkly headbands or more demure, romantic silk and fabric bands.


  • Talk to your hairdresser/hairstylist prior to your wedding about the best accessory for you and your hair style and type.
  • Pick up two of your hair accessory if possible to avoid bridal bedlam if the one you’re wearing falls apart.
  • Don’t overdo it — No matter which accessory you go for, you’re most likely to be wearing a veil too so more than one hair accessory should not be worn at the same time. Just opt for one delicate or statement piece.


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