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As the Canadian winter sets in we find ourselves cuddling up indoors and cranking up the heat. Unfortunately, this brings about a whole set of problems. As the cold air outside parches our skins so the indoor heating roasts our skins dry. The humidity levels tend to drop with the temperature and quite literally winter sucks the moisture out of our skins. Add to that hot showers which strip the skin of protective oils and you’re stuck with dry, flaky skin. So what can you do to care for your skin in the winter?


The secret to healthy winter skin starts from within. Drink plenty of caffeine free drinks including water, herbal teas and fruit juices. However, even this may not be enough, and your skin will need a helping hand with the use of moisturisers. Try the following tips to help combat the winter:

Looking After Your Face

The cold Canadian winter air can batter your face causing redness and inflammation. Use a gentle cleanser rather than soap, and moisturise with a light lotion in the morning and a thick cream at night. Be sure to avoid products containing alcohol and look for ones which contain anti inflammatory herbs such as calendula. It will also help to exfoliate your face with a natural sugar scrub to get rid of dull, dead skin.

Taking Care of Your Lips

Lips can become very sore and chapped in the winter, so make sure you never leave home without a waxy balm on your lips and put it on when you go to bed too.

Turn Down the Heat

Try taking warm showers rather than hot and use a mild body wash which contains soothing ingredients such as aloe vera. Always pat the skin dry rather than rubbing it and apply a thick moisturiser such as shea butter.

Hands and Feet

Exposure to the elements and frequent washing to prevent seasonal germs from spreading can soon lead to hands becoming dry and chapped. Feet clad in boots can also become sore and cracked, and in a closed up environment there is also a change of fungus growing. Pat hands dry after washing and rub in hand cream every time. Wear gloves for washing the dishes and gloves when you’re outdoor. Try using a foot cream with peppermint or tea tree oil to keep your feet fresh and to fight against fungus.


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